Federation Tower

Rencons is taking part in the construction of one of the most ambitious projects in Moscow: the Tower “A” project of the Federation multifunctional office and recreation complex. The facility is located within the area of the Moscow International Business Center. The total area of the complex is 439,851 sq m. Upon completion of the construction work, the Federation complex will reach a height of 373 m and will become the tallest building in Europe.

The Federation complex is a unique engineering structure, with a blend of a large structural volume, elegant architecture, comfort, and ergonomics. The complex has a special composition. It is composed of two towers: first, Tower “A” (known as “The East”) and second, Tower “B” (“The West”) which share the same podium.

Tower “B” was completed and commissioned in 2008. It was constructed in compliance with high international quality standards and meets all the requirements for such buildings. The work on Tower “A” will continue for two more years.

Famous world-class architects and consultants participating in the project ensure that the best practices in the construction of high-rise buildings are used for the Federation complex.