About Us

Rencons was founded  in St. Petersburg in 1993. 

Rencons specializes in design and construction of shopping centers, offices, hotels, multifunctional complexes, high-rise buildings, heavy industrial facilities (cement plants, construction machinery and auto plants, chemical and petrochemical plants, fertilizer plants, metallurgical plants, etc.), infrastructure (airports, tunnels, marinas, etc.), energy facilities, pharmaceutical plants, food and beverage processing plants, public buildings, residential buildings, etc.

Rencons’s competitive advantage is due to its high engineering capability, extensive experience, high-quality services, and outstanding solutions; which have made the company the preferred general contractor for many local and international investors. 

The three main segments Rencons operates are:

  • General building
    This is the main segment where Rencons has been operating since its establishment in 1993. For the past 20 years, Rencons has successfully completed over 500 projects with a total area of 18 million sq m.
  • Heavy industry
  • Light industry plants: automobile and machinery, construction materials, food industry, processing
  • Heavy industry plants: oil and gas, petrochemical and fertilizer, power, metallurgy and mining
  • Infrastructure
  • Airports
  • Tunnels and railways
  • Sport facilities

Rencons’ successful operation for over 30 years has been acknowledged by our clients and partners and confirmed by numerous professional awards, certificates, references, and letters of gratitude.