New business park in Moscow wins Grand Prix of the International Property Awards 2020

The new business park in ÁLIA residential area built in the north-west of Moscow has won the highest award in the outcome of the Grand Final – the finishing stage of the most prestigious International Property Awards competition in the “Best International Office Development 2020” nomination.

Alongside with that, new business park in ÁLIA residential area has been adjudged to be the best office project of Europe in two other nominations – “Best Office Development Europe” and “Best Office Architecture Europe”. Earlier, while participating in the regional qualification phase of that competition, the business park has already earned the title of the best office project of Russia and now that title is conferred to it at the international level.

The new business park in ÁLIA residential area is the largest in Russia ‘A’ class business park with a total area of 262 thd. sq m, which has been built within the frames of the large-scale comprehensive development project on the 65 ha plot in Pokrovskoe-Streshnevo district in Moscow, with that project being realized under the leadership of ASTERUS development company (member of «Vi Holding» Group of Companies). “Rencons” has acted as a General Contractor in that project. 

The business park with its unique architecture is represented by 13 modern office buildings inter-connected by a pedestrian campus designed as a vehicle-free zone, what creates a human-scaled environment with provision of high-level user services. As an architectural dominant of the Complex there serves a 21-storeyed tower with panoramic glazing and scenic exposures to the Moscow river on the three sides thereof. To the tower building there adjoins an Exhibition Center with the area of 4 thd. sq m, which is intended for holding international-level exhibition and business events of all tenant companies hosted by the business center.