The outcome of the 20th Conference on Construction Quality

November 10 is World Quality Assurance Day. The 20th city practical conference “The quality of construction and the business environment in investment and construction complexes of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region” was held in St. Petersburg. “Rencons” has become an official partner of the XX city practical conference. The event was attended by representatives of the government , relevant committees, national associations, construction and design companies, as well as self-regulation institute. The conference participants came to the conclusion that the quality of the business environment has a direct impact on the quality of construction. They also recognized the need to create a full-fledged project management system, in which each project participant is responsible not only for his part of the work, but also for the final result, and at the same time receives payment worthy of his contribution to the common cause. All proposals voiced at the conference will be included in the Plan for improving the quality of construction in St. Petersburg for 2023 and will be implemented in the work of the investment and construction complex of the city.