A sky-scraper with its own park: that’s what Neva Towers will be in «Moscow-City»

«The Neva Towers territory is within the «Moscow-City» project site but it’s a separate, detached plot. That gives us a possibility to create a vast, in terms of Moscow city center and, moreover, in terms of the «Moscow-City» project, green space near the towers. In fact, that will be two large parks: the first – a public garden square at the ground level with a football pitch size and the second – at the fourth floor level – only for the apartment owners – with a panoramic swimming-pool and a club infra-structure. If you look on the «Moscow-City» today, you will see only glass and concrete – there’s no greenery at all. The parks in our project will provide more comfort for life.

Neva Towers — these are two towers, even though the area of our plot is enough for three sky-scrapers. But today, bare square meters attract no interest and do not lead to high sale pace. We are creating not just a new project but a new life style with unique characteristics and perceptions, even a new experience, if you prefer.»

The full text of the interview of the Managing Director of Rencons Development Mr Irfan Kaya is available on the RBK website: