Neva Towers – the most successful project in Moscow over the last few years

According to the report of the International real estate company Savills Russia, 84% of all transactions implemented in the first quarter of 2017 within the frames of “Moscow-City” Project fall to the share of Neva Towers Complex. 

Experts call Neva Towers the most successful project of “Moscow-City” over the last few years. Besides that, Neva Towers is No.1 in terms of sales in the premium class real estate segment in 2017.

In April, in the Tower I there’ve been constructed the frame of the 29-th outrigger (technical) floor. The height of the constructed cast-in-situ frame, which is a critical and labor-consuming structure and which is decisive for the building carrying capacity, equals to 9 meters.  According to the Works Schedule, the frame construction period has covered 2 months with the works completion on 25 April. Presently, in the Tower I there are being performed the 30-th floor slab and the core formworks with the concrete works in the stylobate underground part nearing their completion. Simultaneously with that, there are being performed the inter-flat partitions and the works on laying of the utility service lines have been started.