The stylobate of iCITY office skyscrapers has reached the level of an overpass

The construction of iCITY skyscrapers continues in the The Moscow International Business Center. In July, 2022, a record volume of concreting was recorded at the construction site – the builders accepted more than 8.5 thousand cubic meters of concrete. Rencons (General Contractor) has taken a high pace of work – on average, 2 floors are being built per month on each tower.

At the moment, monolithic work on the stylobate part of iCITY has reached the level of the overpass surrounding the object, inside which skyscrapers are being built. iCITY includes two high-rise skyscrapers – the 61-story Space Tower (257 meters) and the 34-story Time Tower (141 meters). The construction of the Space tower is currently at the level of the 14th floor, the Time tower – at the level of the 9th floor. Inside the towers, walling are being laid, the installation of embedded parts and trays for engineering communications works have begun.

Completion of construction is scheduled for 2023.