Cargill Oil Extraction Plant

Rencons has been appointed as the general contractor for turnkey construction of a new industrial facility for the Cargill Company.

A new oil extraction plant is under construction within an area of 300,000 sq m, in the town of Novoanninsky of the Volgograd Region of Russia. The gross building area of the plant is 18,000 sq m.

Rencons is responsible for complete construction of the facility, which consists of 67 buildings and structures, and shall prepare the plant for commissioning.

Upon completion of the first construction stage, the capacity of the new facility will be as follows: processing of sunflower seeds — 1,800 tonnes per day; production of sunflower oil — 800 tonnes per day; production of pelletized meal — 700 tonnes per day; production of pelletized hull — 270 tonnes per day.