Sustainability And Green Building

Acting with environmental responsibility and awareness, Rencons has knew the negative impacts of the structures built on environmental and human health such as excessive consumption of energy, water and materials and emissions of various greenhouse gases. Rencons, adopting various strategies to avoid possible effects of its projects on the environment and human health, has attached great importance to design, construct and operate its projects in accordance with the “Green Building” principles.

As being a leader in its sectors; Rencons has also taken pioneering and innovative steps in the regions where it operates with the importance given to sustainability and environmental health through undertaking various projects awarded by LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification; that is one of the most important certifications in the field of environment issued by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC).

Through designing with sustainable design principles, supplying environmentally friendly and re-cycled materials, utilizing sustainable technologies and constructing with green building principles, some of the projects of Rencons, which have been awarded by LEED certification by USGBC, are as follows:

LEED certified projects in Russia are:

— Lakhta Center Tower, St. Petersburg (LEED Platinum);
— Lakhta Center Multifunctional Building, St. Petersburg (LEED Gold);
— Neva Towers, Moscow (LEED Gold);
— BC Rencons Pravda, St. Petersburg  (LEED Gold);
— BC Rencons Business Park, St. Petersburg (LEED Platinum);
— BC Rencons Plaza, St. Petersburg (LEED Silver);
— BC Comcity, Moscow (LEED Gold);
— BC FortTower, St. Petersburg (LEED Gold);
— BC Rencons Fontanka, St. Petersburg (LEED Silver).

BREEAM certified projects of Rencons are:

Trinity Place (St. Petersburg, Russia) – Pass

Radumlya Logistic Complex (Moscow region, Russia) – Very good

Mega Silk Way (Astana, Kazakhstan) – Excellent