Lean Construction

also given crucial attention to the principles of lean construction to maximize the value offered by its projects and minimize the waste. Lean construction provides; minimization of waste, thorough understanding of client requirements and expectations, enhancement of communication and coordination among project stakeholders, and increase in process efficiency by executing precise and accurate processes throughout the projects. 

Through applying the principles of lean construction, Renaissance Construction has been preventing possible uncertainties, obtaining products in targeted quality, preventing cost and time overruns, reducing waste and ensuring the client satisfaction.

In the context of lean construction, the initiatives made by Renaissance Construction and benefits gained in accordance, are described as follows;

Renaissance Construction, has also utilized the BIM system as a lean construction tool. With the use of BIM, projects are managed more effectively in design and construction stages, probable inconsistencies about design documents and drawings are determined in the early stages of projects. Thus, waste is minimized and the implementation of non-value added activities are avoided.