Rencons in Forbes rating

Forbes has compiled a list of 200 largest private companies in Russia. The companies’ rating positions have been determined with the account of their revenues for 2016.

It is already for two consecutive years that Rencons unfailingly keeps a position in the first half of the rating list being 84-th according to the 2016 results.

«Stabilization of the Russian economy has found reflection in the rating: according to the 2016 results, negative revenue dynamics have been shown by 40 enlisted companies while a year earlier their number was fifty. The aggregate revenue of the companies has increased by 4,9% — up to 32,2 trillion rubles. The average age of the rated companies is 21 years. Machine-building has become the winning branch of 2016 with the average revenues of that branch companies having increased by 22,3%», – notes the magazine.

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