Concrete volume comparable with a 15-storeyed building cast into the foundation of iCITY sky-scrapers within 2 days

On 13th of October more than 5 thousand m3 of concrete were cast into the foundation of the Space Tower – one of the iCITY business center sky-scrapers. Concrete mixture was delivered from 3 batching plants by use of transmixers, which made about 600 trips to supply the whole volume. Construction of iCITY office sky-scrapers, which are to become a part of “Moscow-City” district, is carried out by MR Group company with financial support from VTB bank.

The buildings will rise above an 8-storeyed podium. Over the area of ~10 000 m² there will find place the developed center-specific infrastructure for the residents and guests of the complex as well as a space with the winter garden and open scenic view swimming pool included into the fitness club.  

“According to the project, the cross-sectional height of the massive foundation slab is to reach 3 600 mm. The weight of the future buildings will amount to 343 000 tons what imposes high requirements to the reliability of their substructures. The volume of the cast over the weekend concrete is comparable with that used for construction of a 15-storeyed residential house. The companies involved into the project have huge experience in construction of sky-scrapers” – pointed out Mr Sergei Frolovsky – Director of MR Group’s Project Directorship.

“Rencons is a General Contractor for construction of iCITY sky-scrapers and a leader of high-rise construction in Russia. We can be proud of our participation in the projects, which determine the face of the modern architecture. iCITY is already the 9-th high-rise construction project in our portfolio. In many European countries the energy-efficient technologies are used since quite long ago and with construction of iCITY sky-scrapers the number of such projects in Russia will grow as well. Even at this stage of the project realization, we can proudly say that iCITY will become a benchmark sample in its category of buildings and will set up new standards in construction of office sky-scrapers” – pointed out Mr Mehmet Onur Gençcelep the iCITY Project Manager from “Rencons” Company.

When casting the foundation, the General Contractor was continuously conducting acceptance of the concrete mixture. The concreting pace was reaching 240m3 per hour, with the total duration of the carried out works reaching more than 30 hours.   

The concrete mixture quality was carefully checked by construction supervisors from SEVERIN DEVELOPMENT company with involvement of a laboratory where required concrete strength tests were carried out.

“We are thankful to MR Group company for their trust and for the provided possibility to be a part of the team occupied in construction of a new unique building, which undoubtfully will become a bright landmark sky-scraper of Moscow – a symbol of new construction quality” – said Mr Roman Sigitov – a General Director of SEVERIN DEVELOPMENT.

40 monitoring system strain gauge sensors were installed in the foundation frame what will enable the engineers to exercise control over the structures’ conditions – both in the process of construction as well as during the future Project operation period. The iCITY business center sky-scrapers are a bright representation of a digital office project, which is realized on base of the “smart building” principles, what implies usage of smart utility systems, full automation and high level of energy efficiency. Construction cost of such projects is higher but further operation thereof is considerably lower.