Vision, Mission And Values


Our vision is to be ranked among the top 10 construction companies in the world.

We aim to be a unique and dynamic busi­ness in each target sector by maintaining sustainable growth.


Our mission is to contribute to the bene­fit of our employees and society through high-quality and innovative projects that we take on even under challeng­ing and variable market conditions. We implement our mission by virtue of being reliable and dynamic in ren­dering our services and by making a visible difference in each market sector where we are active.



We are committed to the values described in ourCode of Conduct which puts integrity first.

At Renaissance, we are convinced that honesty is the best policy. We promote and encourage honesty, integrity and transparency in all our business processes and corporate communications.


We believe that by employing competent people we ensure the highest quality of our projects. Competent employees demonstrate a high level of knowledge and skills. They perform their work conscientiously, thoroughly and accurately. They feel confident when it comes to assuming responsibility; thus, they are perceived as reliable colleagues and strong team players.


We understand the importance of team spirit and teamwork. The most impressive results are achieved by close-knit teams which, we believe, we have at Renaissance. We place great emphasis on coordination and harmonization of the efforts of our team members because this ensures success and great accomplishments for our company. At the same time, we strive to provide our employees with an encouraging and inspiring working environment where everyone can fulfil their potential, develop their talents, and come up with the most efficient and creative solutions for our clients.


Renaissance is a dynamically growing company that follows long-term development strategies and aims to establish solid relationships with its employees, clients and other stakeholders; by envisioning a clear destination and the future of our company. Therefore, we ensure the right road to arrive at the best results possible and even exceed the expectations which we have set. We are determined to move forward without stopping, to set new goals and expand our horizons; in order to make people’s lives safer, more comfortable, and more enjoyable.