Özlüce Regulator and HPP

Construction of Özlüce Regulator and HPP Project which is located within provincial territories of Erzurum was started in 2011. Provisional acceptance of the Project situated on Çapans Stream was made in December 2013 and the Project was commissioned, accordingly. The Project accommodating 2 numbers of vertical pelton turbines each of which 18,46 MWm power, has a total installed power of 36,92 MWm. The Project is being aimed to generate 84 GWh power yearly by making use of 9 m³/sn Project flow rate and 480 m gross head.

The main civil works contractor of the Project, investor of which is Ak-Özlüce Elektrik by 50% partnership, one of the group companies of Rönesans Holding, is Renaissance Technics Construction Industry and Trade, Inc.

Project Details


Build — Operate — Transfer




Erzurum, Turkey


June 2011, September 2013