Lakhta Center

Lakhta Center, consisting of four structures and spanning a 400 thousand sqm area of use, joins the most exquisite global projects launched by the Turkish real estate companies. It also boasts of being the highest building in Europe as well as breaking a number of records.


- Piles used in the Laktha Center project, weighing approximately 670 thousand tons, were around 2 meters in diameter, which sets a new world record in this category. The depth of the pile foundation, on the other hand, was 82 meters. 

- The Laktha skyscraper foundation was laid in a record-breaking, uninterrupted 49 hours of pouring of 19 thousand 624 cubic meters of concrete. Thus, Renaissance Construction broke its own record with 3 thousand cubic meters.

- The construction of the reinforced concrete foundation employed a total of 9.2 thousand tons of iron. The metals used in this section of the project only would be sufficient to build a replica of the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

- Twenty thousand people from 18 countries worked in the Renaissance Construction’s project team.

- The tower spire, the last constituent of the rough construction at Laktha Center has been installed to the building via the tallest crane of Europe, without any helicopters involved.

- Apart from the office floors, the 87-floor skyscraper also features an observation deck. Positioned at around 370 meters, the observation deck offers a marvelous views which have been, up to now, seen through the windows of an aircraft only.

- Lakhta Center shall also be marked as one of the world’s most remarkable architectural projects with a state-of-the-art technology. The skyscraper has 34 high-speed elevators that can reach a speed of up to 8 meters per second.

- These elevators and the vertical transportation concept adopted in the project make sure to keep elevator waiting times in the skyscraper under 30 seconds, even in peak hours.

- The skyscraper section is estimated to host an average of 100 to 140 people per floor and five thousand in total.

- The smart façade design, the next-generation fire system, and the “suspended floor” strategy enhance overall safety and energy efficiency while delivering superior sound insulation.

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St. Petersburg, Russia