Theme Park Dream Island

Dreams Island is the first indoor theme park in Russia and the largest in Europe. Renaissance Construction is the general contractor of the park. The closed part area of the project covers 300,000 square meters, or about 42 football fields, and the landscape park divided into sports and family zones with many playgrounds and entertainment is 44 hectares.

180,000 cubic meters of concrete were spent on monolithic structures, this is enough to build eighteen 17-story houses.

During the construction, total amount of 14,000 tons of structural steel has been assembled which is enough to construct 2 Eiffel towers. The area of the central glass dome is almost 8,600 square meters, it is 2.5 times more than the size of the dome over the Reichstags. There are seven domes in total (30,000 m2): three in the atrium area and four above the promenade galleries.

The city promenade is a gigantic part of the “Island” with a walking and shopping gallery, cafe, restaurants, a concert hall and a multiplex for 17 halls. The internal facades are made in the style of different cities of the world: here will be the streets of London and Barcelona, a miniature of the Roman Coliseum and Casa Batlló.

Project Details


General contract


Moscow, Russia


September 2015, November 2019


276,524 m2