Adana Integrated Health Campus is one of the 30 healthcare facilities to be built in 22 different provinces in Turkey under the Health Transformation Program initiated by the Ministry of Health of Turkey (MoH) in 2003.

The project is being implemented under a PPP agreement signed in June 2013 between the MoH and the special-purpose vehicle (SPV) ADN PPP Sağlık Yatırım A.Ş. established to implement this project. Under the agreement, the SPV will be responsible for the detailed design, construction, equipping, financing, and maintenance of the new healthcare facility during the 28-year project period; while, the provision of medical services will be the responsibility of the MoH. At the end of the 28-year project period, the facility will be transferred to the MoH. Renaissance is a part of the SPV and responsible for investment and construction.

Adana Integrated Health Campus will provide its services to Adana, Hatay and Osmaniye provinces of Turkey. The project covers an area of 328,820 m² and comprises an integrated health campus with a total capacity of 1,550 beds and includes three hospitals. These are: a 1,300-bed main hospital, a 150-bed physical therapy and rehabilitation hospital, and a 100-bed high-security criminal psychiatric hospital. In addition to the hospitals, there will be health support facilities, a commercial area, a technical unit building, a heliport, a helipad, and a cogeneration/ trigeneration plant.

The construction is estimated to take about 36 months.

• An Oncology Hospital with a bed capacity of 182

• A Cardiovascular Hospital with a bed capacity of 185

• A Maternity and Children’s Hospital with a bed capacity of 349

• A General Hospital with a bed capacity of 584

• A High Security Forensic Psychiatry Hospital with a bed capacity of 100

• A Physical Treatment and Rehabilitation Hospital with a bed capacity of 150

The “Adana Integrated Health Campus” to be have a total bed capacity of 1.550 will be in service for people living in Adana and the cities around. For detailed information regarding this project, please click the link below.

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Adana, Turkey