Park Gulan in Iraq

Renaissance is expanding its geographical presence in the Middle East by launching significant projects in Iraq.

Due to its booming oil sector, Iraq is intensively developing. IMF expects Iraq to be the second fastest growing economy in the world over the next five years. With this in mind, we understand the importance of Iraqi market and broad opportunities it opens up for business development and expansion.

Park Gulan is the first Renaissance project in Iraq. It is located in the fourth largest city in Iraq, Erbil. The contract was signed between the Erbil branch of Rönesans Iraq, a member of the Renaissance Group, and the Kurdistan Gate Company in July.

The Park Gulan project includes a residential tower with an area of 33,393 sq m and an office tower with an area of 34,141 sq m. Each tower is 22 storeys high.

Rönesans Iraq is responsible for the design-build services for the two towers, including external landscape areas. 

The construction scope will include structural works, architectural finishing, and all electromechanical installations. A shell and core design is used for the office tower, while full package fit-out is provided for the residential tower.